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LOVEFLO Long Couture Mascara

LOVEFLO Long Couture Mascara

LOVEFLO Long Couture Mascara

It is unpredictably absolutely fascinating that defy the basic use of mascara.
-LOVEFLO mascara grips lashes without missing one lash, and it curls up the lashes like spread one's wings.
It is easy with the smooth touch, it guarantees to make your lashes high-quality, well-finished, shiny and glossy.

LOVEFLO Long Couture Mascara

LOVEFLO Eyelash Couture Treatment

A false-eyelashes couture treatment is an intensive repair essence only for eyelashes applied to eyelashes, before lying down.
An original useful ingredient leads the skin of a hairline to an always good state, and repairs to the inside of eyelashes.
Healthy eyelashes are cherished.

LOVEFLO Long Couture Mascara

LOVEFLO Scrubbing Brush Mascara

LOVEFLO Scrubbing Brush Mascara attaches firmly to lower lashes and even to short lashes with an innovative scrubbing brush that makes it able to catch lashes from every direction.
Its glossy and smooth liquid allows you to achieve perfectly dramatic and glamorous eyes from any angle.

LOVEFLO Long Couture Mascara

LOVEFLO Couture Liner For Eyes

LOVEFLO Couture Line for eyes is liquid eyeliner with ink brush that lets you draw thick or thin lines as you like, and it also includes blessing of nature, botanical essence that allows you to care your eyelid during make-up-all in a single step.
It has excellent water and oil resistance, dries quickly, and it also blends seamlessly into skin and allows defining of the eyes.

This film type formula provides perfect hold, but also easy to take off.

LOVEFLO Dual Long Couture Mascara

LOVEFLO Dual Couture Liner For Eyes

This waterproof pencil eyeliner stays put on eyelids without melting throughout the day.
Pencil eyeliner with creamy texture contains a smooth easy to apply even for watery inside part of your eyes.
Tip on the opposite end fully satisfies to make naturaly color gradation possible.


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